Casino Roulette tips and tricks that will make the winning chances higher

Casino Roulette tips for newbies

Roulette is so popular that even newbies at an online casino play it for money. However, many players complain they are “not lucky” in this game. Actually, some winning casino Roulette tips, tricks, and strategies can increase the chance of a gambler to leave a casino with a smile and money.

Casino Roulette winning tips and strategies

In general, of course, every skilled player follows his own strategy. Nevertheless, there are some basic tips for Roulette in Australian online casino real money that should be considered to increase your chances of winning. Here they are listed:

  • Pick French Roulette;
  • Search casinos with La Partage / En Prison;
  • Develop your own Roulette strategy;
  • Practice Roulette for free;
  • Play in casinos with high table limits;
  • Find casinos with a high payout ratio;
  • Find good bonus offers (this prompt also refers to working casino Roulette tips).

Below the main Roulette tips casino players use will be explained and one will learn how to pick the strategy that suits him better than the other ones.

How to identify the strategy that suits a player

Before a player can find a good strategy for him, he should try all Roulette types. French and American Roulette are available in most casinos. In that case, a newbie should always choose the French one. As it has one zero and some rules that are good for a player, the beginning will be successful in most cases.

Casino Roulette tips

Of course, there are also tricks for American Roulette, but the winning odds here are significant as the wheel has the double zero. Most American casino Roulette tips and tricks might be good for a French Roulette gaming machine. The few American Roulette tricks that never work in French variant of the game are based on double zero. To understand it, the player should try all free versions and types of this game.

Play with La Partage or En Prison rule

When La Partage is used the player will lose only 50% of his stake when the ball picks Zero. This is used only in the French variant of the game. En Prison allows the player to win back his entire stake if he had bet on the simple chances and the ball decided to choose zero.

Develop your own strategy

As already mentioned, skilled players develop their own strategy from all possible casino Roulette tips and tricks and their gaming experience. The most well-known roulette strategy is the Martingale. The gambler can play on simple chances and double his bet after each loss in order to make up for it with a win.

Naturally, nobody can say which strategy is the best one. There are countless variations and tricks that one can pay attention to in this game. To learn everything about them, playing practice is needed.

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