European Roulette Online: the Distinctive Features & the Best One

European Roulette online has become widespread thanks to the use of 3D-graphics and detailed statistics!

From a graphical point of view, European roulette in modern online casinos is practically no different from roulette in real gambling houses. If before, to get this quality, players would have to look for where to download the European Roulette online, now it’s enough to use the no-download version and use the virtual account to make their first bet. This type of roulette predisposes to great chances to get a win, as the players get a chance to win at the expense of one “Zero”.

European Roulette Online: General Gambling Aspects

The game mechanism in online European Roulette game consists of two parts – a wheel and a table. The wheel, in turn, has 37 sectors, each of which is assigned a definite numerical value, from 0 to 36. Moreover, they do not go one after the other but are scattered randomly. Half of the sectors on the roulette are colored red, and the other half is black. The sector with the numerical value “0” has a neutral color, and serves to create an advantage for the casino. Read more about online pokies Australia real money here:

  • The advantage of a European Roulette online over players is minimal compared to other best gambling devices and is only 2.63%. It is very low in comparison with slots, or even American roulette, where, due to the second sector of zero, this advantage is almost doubled;
  • The goal of the players is to correctly guess the field where the ball thrown by the croupier onto the wheel should stop. If the players are mistaken, then the wagered money goes into the pocket of the casino owner. If they have guessed, they receive payment, depending on the field that the bet was made;
  • There is a special marking on the roulette table, which is intended for bets. All bets have two conditional categories – external and internal. The external ones have this name because the chip is placed outside the number field itself, in contrast to the internal ones, where the bet is placed directly on the field.
European Roulette Online

By the way, it is not necessary to put one chip. Players can simultaneously bet on one number and red. Now they can play and start the wheel of European Roulette online by pressing the “spin” button.

Best Example of European Roulette in Modern Virtual Clubs

Red Rake Gaming’s European Roulette appeared at the online casino in 2019. For bets, a classic table, and a typical French roulette track are used. A simplified interface allows beginners to master the gameplay easily. The rules of the game coincide with ordinary European Roulette online free game. Gamblers can use the chips of seven denominations: 0,1, 0,5, 1, 5, 10 and 25. The developer has provided two versions of the design, to switch from one to another, players can use the button in the upper left corner.

  • In the first version, the table, track, and roulette wheel are on the same screen. This mode creates the feeling of being in a real casino, but the image of the chips on the field is small enough, which is not very convenient for placing them;
  • The second design option is located on three screens. The center is occupied by the table, and the right by the raster and the left by the roulette. Gamers can move between them by clicking on the white buttons that appear on the sides of the screen. Also, the wheel is automatically shown to the player if the Spin button is pressed;
  • The minimum rate is 0.1 credits in the currency of an online casino, and the maximum is 100 credits. Return rate (RTP) – 97.3%.

Thanks to the use of HTML5 technology, it is possible to play European Roulette online both on a computer and on a smartphone, for free or for real money. The game attracts by simple rules, stylish design with two options for designing the field, and a pleasant musical accompaniment.

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