How to Win Casino Roulette: Winning Tips & the Working Strategies

To know how to win casino roulette, players need to manage the capital invested in the game correctly!

There are a lot of ways to play roulette, but not all of them are quite effective. The chaotic arrangement of chips of various denominations in 37 cells (36 digits and one zero), of course, can allow players to win at roulette and give a big jackpot, but often does not bring the desired and expected result. Therefore, before coming to an online casino, players need to read casino reviews and determine the necessary casino roulette tips, tactics and strategy of how to win casino roulette and be sure to set for themselves the “bar” of possible loss every time, the limits of which they should not go under any circumstances.

How to Win Casino Roulette: Concerning Real Gambling Clubs

There is American and European roulette. In the first case, casino profits account for 5.3%, and in the second – 2.7%. For both cases, a similar game principle is used – a wheel with numbers in cells and a ball, the result is different. The player is required to indicate the number, sector or color that the ball will hit. If it was indicated correctly, then a certain reward is calculated, which corresponds to the size of the bet. Experienced players suggest to test some tactics of how to win playing roulette at casino. The Fibonacci technique implies the observance of several sequential actions:

  • Players make a bet to a minimum and increase its size after each loss – 1-1-2-3-5-8;
  • After winning, they do not return to the minimum but retreat only two steps back;
  • The cycle is considered completed when the players return to the minimum bet;
  • For each series, one color value should be indicated without changing it throughout the game. In the next cycle, they take the opposite value (big or low), which increases the probability of how to win casino roulette.
Casino Roulette strategy

The new method is LaBoucher. According to statistics, it is the most profitable if all recommendations are followed. The strategy of how to win casino roulette is quite simple because it is aimed only at controlling the real rates. The essence of this technique is to use equal chances in the game. To begin with, gamers come up with numbers from 1 to 9 in random order. It is best to use 4 any single digits, for example, 3-8-1-2. To determine the rate, they should add the extreme numbers: 3 + 2 = 5. In case of victory, they are to delete them and add the remaining ones: 8 + 1 = 9. In case of failure, they should add a number to the row that will be equal to the bet that lost: 8-1-9. Next bet will be: 8 + 9 = 17. Inveterate players are advised to use the reverse method. They are to add the bet that won and cross out the bad values.

The Winning Tips for Successful Gambling in Online Roulette

The oldest strategy to play casino roulette and how to win it has existed for over 200 years and is still used by players. It is based on doubling the wagered amount after a defeat. Several varieties of Martingale are known:

  • Elongated. A bet on a field with a specific number increases gradually after a certain number of games. For example, during 35 throws on the same number a chip with a face value of 1 credit is placed, then the number of chips doubles and lasts for 18 throws, then 12 coins in a row are put in 3 coins, etc. Gamblers claim that the circuit works, but the strip of failures is not completely excluded;
  • American. This option is based on a constant doubling of the delivered coins after losing, while it is recommended that customers bet on dozens.

When playing according to Martingale, players should remember that after each successful draw, they must return to the original bet. It is a very simple system that everyone can use, but its effectiveness is not high enough. In case of victory, the starting bankroll increases slightly. Going through the well-known ways of how to win casino roulette, gamblers forget about the most important thing – the result of their attempt to win money depends on the will of the case. From a mathematical point of view, it is impossible to predict the loss of a particular figure. Popular schemes are aimed at reducing losses but do not guarantee a large cash prize. Therefore, it is better to bet a little money, even if there is a large amount on the account, and play only on trusted sites.

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