Live Roulette game online

Roulette is recognized as the queen of gambling. She is an integral part of a casino. A lot of virtual versions have been created by manufacturers of gaming software, but they cannot be compared with real roulette. Only in the real game mode can you fully feel the excitement and be convinced of the unpredictability of Fortune.

Roulette Live Game Review

The Ezugi company is engaged in the development of roulettes for Live-casino. Players who choose Roulette will experience an adrenaline rush. Behind the game slot, the bets are accepted and the wheel is started by a real croupier who comments on the game process. Roulette opens in one of the operating casinos. In front of him, the participant will see the hall from which the game is broadcast. The Live-casino format especially attracts users, since they have the opportunity to visit a real casino while staying at home.

To control the game and configure its parameters, a set of keys is located at the bottom of the screen. Playing chips of different denominations are also placed here. They are used for betting. Before starting the gameplay, you should familiarize yourself with the rules and features of Roulette.

Play Roulette games with a live dealer

It consists of a wheel divided into 37 sectors, alternately colored red and black. The cell with zero is green. All numbers are duplicated on the surface of the gaming slot, where the fields for bets are located. The player’s goal in Roulette is to predict the winning number.

The game begins with the fact that the user selects chips of the desired denomination and places them on the field. It takes a little time to place a bet, so you should keep within the allocated period. The dealer announces that no more bets are accepted and the wheel is started by throwing a ball at it. After the stop, the winning number is determined. The corresponding sector is marked on the table. The winnings are paid to the winners. For the next draw, you can apply the same betting scheme if it turns out to be successful. To do this, just use the corresponding button on the control panel.

Ezugi’s Roulette uses traditional betting options. These are internal and external. The first group is located on the numbered part of the field, for the second there is an additional table. To make it easier for the user to navigate, the markup contains labels. The domestic category includes a bet on 1 number, split, straight, corner bet, on 5 numbers, on a line spanning 6 numbers. There are payout ratios for each. The largest winning will be brought by a bet on 1 number, but it will not be easy to guess it. Outside bets are bets on a dozen, a column, high and low numbers, on a color, and even / odd. In Roulette, you can play next to your neighbors by placing bets on numbers located next to the zero sector. Red and black splits are also acceptable.

Roulette in the atmosphere of a real casino, where the gaming process is controlled by a professional dealer, will give you many pleasant moments. The unpredictability of the rally keeps you emotionally tense. Solid payments will confirm that Luck is on the player’s side. Roulette will be appreciated by fans of excitement and unrestrained drive.

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